Don’t Overbid
Use Your BuyerPower™

When your offer is backed by BuyerPower™ financing, you’re in the best position to beat out other bids – even higher offers or all-cash!, with the strength of a certified underwriting approval and financing ready in as little as 8 business days.

Sellers Want a Sure Thing and BuyerPower™ is The Solution

Buyer Power™ is MMT’s trademarked financing strategy that was created to address common fiascos that turn the American dream of buying a home into home buying horror stories.

Did you know….

As many as 1 in 4 mortgage applications gets denied by a certified underwriter.

Your lender could be the reason why you can’t get an offer accepted.

Most purchase offers are written to close in 30 days, but the average turn time for most lenders to process a home loan is 45 days.

Interest rate is important, but it’s not THE most important factor when choosing a lender.

“Pre-approval letters” that are not backed by a certified underwriter’s approval are only a loan officer's "best guess." It holds almost no weight when negotiating a purchase offer.

BuyerPower™ Benefits are Tough to Beat

A Certified Underwriter is the most crucial person in the loan process, as they have the final say on your approval.

MMT’s BuyerPower™ strategy puts the underwriter at the very front of your loan process – providing a valid decision on your application before you even set foot in the market and start looking at homes.

This upfront underwriter approval can essentially make you as powerful as an all-cash buyer, and in some cases, even stronger.

With BuyerPower™ most of the important work is done upfront. When your offer is accepted, very few obstacles remain, which allows us to have your financing ready to close in as soon as 8 business days. Best of all – a BuyerPower™ Approval comes at no additional cost. Without it – could cost you your dream home.

BuyerPower™ Cleans Up Messes Left Behind by Other Banks and Lenders

The McDonnell Mortgage Team specializes in rescuing homebuyers that other lenders have left behind.
We were introduced to a buyer who was loyal to a big bank. They had checking and savings accounts there, so it seemed convenient to apply with the bank for their home loan pre-qualification. After purchase offers were rejected on two different homes, their Realtor finally convinced them to apply with us. We started on their BuyerPower™ application immediately, and they were fully underwriter-approved within days. With a BuyerPower™ Approval Letter in hand they found two homes they loved, submitted offers on each, and not one, but both of their offers were accepted at the same time! They picked the one they loved most, and we funded their loan and got them house keys in just 14 days.
– Ryan McDonnell, Sales Team Lead

BuyerPower helps eliminate home buying horror stories like this!